Our ( Last ) Trip to the market

by Lorin Clarke. Published by Allen and Unwin

A glorious exploration of family and fun - for everyone who has ever taken a mob of unruly kids to a crowded place! This boisterous family excursion is full of warmth, humour and delicious mischief.

What a fabulous morning to go to the market. That busker is dressed as a clown! And there's fruit and a baker. There are people on bikes. Annabelle, please put that down...


BEST by name. BEST by reputation.  Danny Best will say and do anything because Danny Best is FULL ON. He makes the rules. He breaks the rules. Here is the first installment of Danny Best, written by Jen Storer ( Truly Tan series ) and jam packed with stories, gags, illustrations and even a quizzes to see if you're paying attention.

Little Lunch Triple the Treats

by Danny Katz

Three hilarious stories from the ABC3 smash-hit television series Little Lunch

Rory forgot his playlunch and did something that shocked everyone, Battie freaked out because he thought he'd ruined Grandparents Day, and Melanie held a cake stall to help homeless puppies, but it didn't really help anyone!  A lot can happen in fifteen minutes.

Little Lunch Triple Snack Pack

by Danny Katz

Another three hilarious stories from the smash-hit  Little Lunch TV series 

The old climbing tree was going to get cut down and Battie wasn't happy about it, Max and Elsa disappeared and everybody tried to solve the mystery, and a Grade Six girl asked Rory out. A lot can happen in fifteen minutes!

Belinda the Ninja Ballerina

It’s every little girl’s dream to be a ballerina, right?

Well, not in the case of Belinda, the ninja ballerina. Belinda doesn't want to do ballet classes - she would take a headstand over
a pirouette any day. She wants to be a Ninja, not a ballerina, but nobody will listen .

Belinda is not one to give up easily and  her ballet teacher has to come up with a solution that will keep everybody happy. 

The Little Lunch Books have been given a makeover!!

Little Lunch. Written by Danny Katz

The Little Lunch books have been given a facelift in time for the release of the ABC3 Little Lunch TV series which has been a great hit. Including a brand new set of stories in The Off-Limits Fence. Revisit your favourites and check out the new look, and the new book!!!!

A Book About Scary

Everyone is scared of something. Snakes, clowns, balloons, moths, the hole in the bathtub that drinks up all the bath. Danny Katz and Mitch Vane have combined talents to write a very picture book about scary things.

A Book About Scary will show kids that it’s okay to be scared sometimes!

No Thanks Hanks

Danny Katz

Are you sometimes bad, kids

Lazy, rude or mad, kids?

Then read this, you'll be glad, kids

Make your mum and dad, kids,

happy that they HAD kids

A hilarious collection of wacky verses and funny images by Danny Katz and Mitch Vane, that will give young readers some clues about what happens when one behaves a little un-mannerly.

"Exuberant, playful, and very very funny" - Andy Griffiths

Little Lunch Series

A lot can happen during the 15 minute morning recess break in the school yard. Danny Katz, author and Age columnist, has combined with Mitch Vane to create a series of cheeky, irreverent stories about a group of children and what they get up to at recess.

Little Lunch, Little Lunch Three, and Little Lunch Five have all been nominated for the Koala and Yabba awards. Little Lunch Three is the Yabba Award winner for 2005.

There are more adventures in the playground in a great new format, A Little Election  and The Little Lunch Games,


Little Lunch
Little Lunch Two
Little Lunch 3
Little Lunch 4
Little Lunch Five
THe Little Lunch Games
A Little Election

Jasper McFlea

Join Ginger and Jasper Mc Flea in two delicious, rollicking, read-aloud stories

by Lee Fox.


Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea
Ginger McFlea will not clean her teeth

The Patch

Justina Chen Headley

"Ballerinas don't wear glasses," Becca cried. "and they especially do NOT wear patches!"

When Becca discovers she has Amblyopia (also called lazy eye) and has to wear an eye patch, she leads her classmates on imaginative adventures to explain her fabulous fashion choice.

CCBC Choices award 2007 (USA )  

NCSS/CBC Notable Social Studies Trade books for Young People (USA)

Charlesbridge Publishing, USA             Walker Books, Australia

Bed Tails

Meredith Costain

There are two in the bed...

tucked up cosily and peacefully in bed.

And then.....

CBC Notable book 2010 - Early Childhood
Speech Pathology Australia - Shortlisted 2010 - Young Children

Aussie Nibbles


The Deep End
The Puppet Show
The Magic Wand
The Cubby House

Boyz Rule!

The authors Felice Arena and Phil Kettle

were typical BOYZ RULE boys when they were young...and did they have fun!

A great easy read for boys, with lots of extra fun stuff to do at the back of each book.

Published by Macmillan books.

Hit the beach
Kite High
Paper Round
Rotten School Day
The Tree House
Wet World
Yabby Hunt
Secret Agent Heroes

Aussie Bites

Published by Puffin.

The Parents Are Revolting
Big Bad Bunnies

Scratch Kitten series

  A series of fun stories written by Jessica Green about a feisty mischievous kitten

  whose dreams of going to sea and becoming a ship's cat gets him into no

end of trouble and plenty of adventures.

Scratch Kitten Goes to Sea
Scratch Kitten on the Pirate's Shoulder
Scratch Kitten and the Ragged Reef
Scratch Kitten and the Terrible Beasties

Solo series

Maddy in the Middle
Cat Chocolate